As far as my TV loyalties are concerned, I'm first and foremost a Trekkie. Star Trek, as a whole, has genuinely enriched my life and brightened my days countless times. It has also introduced me to another wonderful show - Quantum Leap.

Like most of my fellow Star Trek fans (there's a crowd I'm proud and happy to be associated with!), I have seen the last serialized incarnation of that franchise, Enterprise. Scott Bakula was already a familiar face and I knew as part of my general knowledge about popular culture that he had previously starred in one of the most famous shows of the 90s, Quantum Leap. Somehow, I had managed to miss it back in the day when it supposedly aired on the national TV station, so I really knew nothing more about it. I decided to give it a try and read some reviews. They were all rather laudatory of the writing and acting involved in the show, which encouraged me to go ahead and watch it. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in the TV realm and my complete set of Quantum Leap DVDs is one of my best entertainment-related investments.

Quantum Leap is now one of the my favorite shows, right up there with Star Trek, The X-Files and Seinfeld. I enjoy it so much that, lately, my pastime of choice has consisted in taking screen captures from my DVDs and adjusting the light and color balance to brighten them up a little bit. This is a repository of those screen captures, created as a celebration of this great show.