Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Leap in Black and White

Before moving on to Season 2, I propose we try our own time travel experiment by taking a leap back to the days when black-and-white photography was the only kind.

I remember sitting fascinated by my older and photo-literate cousin in the early 90s as he carefully developed his photos. They were in black and white. And, as magic as the whole process of conjuring up images on paper by a simple plunge into a tray of liquid seemed to me, I couldn't help thinking about how much more exciting they would have looked had they been in color. At that time, I thought black-and-white photos were rather dull.

Ironically enough, now that technology has made it possible to capture the vibrant colors of our world just as they are, I look back at the spartan air of black-and-white photography and I find myself in awe of its beauty. The simplicity and restrained elegance of the technique tends to bring out the best in some images.

As an aesthetic exercise, I've tested the black-and-white mode on some of my Quantum Leap screen captures and the result is quite gratifying. I'll share my best bicolor gems with you. 

Al & Sam together



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